I visited a quaint little village at Carrington, Port Stephens called Tahlee, which stills contains the original historical Tahlee House and other artifacts. Tahlee has an interesting history as it was part of the early settlement in Port Stephens. Tahlee – was known as ‘the sheltered place above local waters’ by the indigenous people. The Australian Agricultural Company, (AAC) bought the land and built the house and other establishments in the 1830-1840’s. There were about 500 people in the settlement and a school.

The Church

 The old original church  built by the convicts around 1845 still stands, with the original bell, and was used to inform the community when a convict had escaped.



The Residence
Tahlee House was originally built by convicts in 1826 as the residence for the Commissioners of the ACC.  A Boat Harbour was built to protect small boats from strong winds and it is still there today.

Sir Edward Parry lived in the House for about 10 years, and Captain  Phillip Parker King lived there in 1840s.The house and the estate was sold 1854 for 2500pounds. It caught on fire and burnt down leaving only the walls in 1860. In 1880’s  Robert Hoddle Driberg White bought it for 850 pounds and rebuilt it adding the billiard room and ballroom. The original fireplace is still in the house along with original furniture. Some of the rooms are kept to its traditional era and they have tours through out the estate. 


There is an original cannon in the front lawn.


 Tahlee Bible College

The Tahlee Bible College was started in June 1959 after purchasing unused buildings, such as the picture theatre, accommodation huts.  It is now on the heritage list.


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