Kayaking with Jelly Blubbers

Kayaking with Jelly Blubbers

Kayaking with jelly blubbers all in a days work. One of the things I love about living near the coast is the many different activities that are available to do. Not only do I love hiking around the bush, mountains, trails, rocky outcrops, beach and sand dunes, but I also love kayaking around the waterways.

Port Stephens is full of magical pristine waterways, oceans and beaches. As a result of the fantastic water and beautiful environment, the marine life is abundant and special to say the least. My hubby and I went kayaking through mangroves around Taylors Beach and then around to Lemon Tree Passage. It was such a lovely day paddling on the water. This area of the bay is just so private and secluded and so pretty. There are always plenty of boats moaring just off shore.

Whilst we were minding our own business we came across a school (?) of jelly blubbers or jelly fish. It was a buzz paddling through them and watching them bobbing and swimming along.

I was lucky enough to have my waterproof camera with me, so I took a few shots. I decided to put the camera under the water and just shoot. These are what I ended up with.

I hope you enjoy them

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