Rock Pools

Rock Pools

Rock Pools are one of the greatest things to find and explore when hiking along the coast. They are just fantastic, especially on a hot day after you have been hiking for a few hours, and ready for a rest and cool off,  talk about refreshing. You also need to remember that they can be dangerous, some harbour little sea creatures that can bite or sting. Also keep an eye out for that freak wave, and be careful to avoid injuries and accidents.

Deep Rock Pool

Deep Rock Pools

Anna Bay Coastal Rock Pools


What are Rock Pools?

Rock pools are areas of water that are trapped in among the rocks along the coastline. These rock pools are usually filled with sea water that has been delivered during high tides or rough seas. The water fill in the holes and stay there until they evaporate. They vary in sizes and depths and water quality, they are just so much fun. Sometimes small gaps between two major rocky outcrops directly into the ocean create great rock pools and they can be very big and very deep, deep enough that you can jump into off a high cliff. The water can be quite cold and if the seas are big enough they can be very rough going,  the waves can push you onto the rocks around the edges if your not careful.

Your own Spa

However, they create an atmosphere of seclusion and luxury, a feeling of having your very own private pool or spa at the beach or in the ocean.

Under water

Under water

A sunset sets the ambience

Watching the sun rise or sunset, around or in a rock pool, is another one of those magical moments, when you are glad you got into hiking in the first place.

Sunset at the Rock Pools

Anna Bay Rock Pools


Evidence of life

Sometimes the pools contain little creatures and shells that make it even more interesting. Sea plants often grows in the shallows of the rock pools. The pictures are shallow rock pools with sea plants and life in them. These are various types of seaweed and fish and shells.

Sea Plants in shallow rock pools

Sea Plants in shallow Rock Pools

Hiking Gear

On this day it was hot and it was in the middle of summer. I wore my hiking boots and hiking socks, as I always want a good grip and protection for my feet and ankles. As I walked around the rocks I had to balance and stretch, and my feet were placed in between ledges and I was sure glad to have good sturdy shoes. Snakes and Goannas are known to hang out on the rocks, sunning themselves. I wore my sturdy hiking shorts and a t-shirt. I applied sunscreen and hat.

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