Diamond Head Camp Ground

Diamond Head Camp Ground.

My family and I had a weekend camping in the Diamond Head National Park, in NSW Australia. Diamond Head is on the coast north of Port Stephens and sits in Crowdy Bay National Park. It was a great weekend and this spot was just perfect for a relaxing camping experience.

The camp site

I would recommend Diamond Head camping ground to tourists, or anybody wanting the real Australian coastal camping experience. It is right on the beach and the beach can be seen from some camp sites. The camp site is in the Crowdy Bay¬†National Park and therefore bushy. We had Kangaroos and Goanna’s wandering around our campsite the whole time, they were quite tame. The amenities are clean and suitable, though the showers weren’t hot.


We took our two room tent that is quiet big, big enough for two queen size mattresses, and room to walk and store our gear, it was very comfortable. My adult kids took their 1 man and 2 man tents and soon regretted it. At first their tents were a bit squashy and both complained of being claustrophobic, especially after they put in their small mattresses. The tents got very wet at night from the dew and condensation, and each time they bumped the walls, they got wet and the tent stuck to them a bit. Then as the morning started to heat up, the tents became very very hot, and they came out red faced, sweating and growling. Not happy. So next time we are going to take bigger tents.  

Other gear

Many people were using solar grids to provide electricity and lighting. We took our solar shower and had short but warm – hot showers.

The fire

We had our open fire and cranked it up, so that the flames were high and glowing red and orange. Of course, we melted marsh mellows and told stories. What a wonderful family connection time. The evenings were still and fresh and the stars were plentiful and clear. The moon was nearly full and provided plenty of light.

I felt safe and comfortable at this little camping ground.

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