Hiking! My love for coastal hiking experiences

Coastal hiking the view from Tomaree Summit at Port Stephens, Australia.

Tomaree Summit Coastal Hiking

N.S.W. National Parks

My love for coastal hiking has kept me fit and healthy, in mind , body and spirit, it has been great for my over all health. One of those things I love about coastal hiking, is exploring and witnessing the spectacular natural beauty . In Australia there are many beautiful places to hike and explore. These blogs will show  you many of those spectacular little places, that are well known and not so well known.

My Love of Coastal Hiking Gets me Outdoors-

What is better than getting outside and checking out the great outdoors?  I always need to get outside,  to see as much natural beauty as I can. I find being in nature very therapeutic, it has a holistic impact upon my whole well being.  Whenever I travel or visit others, I always take the opportunity to go for a hike or walk. That means putting on my shoes and getting out there. I walk in the rain, wind, sunshine, I walk early morning or evening. I really enjoy  walking at  different times of the day, and witnessing  the changing visual impact. Going out at different times of the day can create a totally different experience, such as it can bring out different creatures and birdlife.  The daylight and the shadows create completely different images and alter the hiking experience.



The Weather – 

I certainly enjoy physical impact of the weather and how it influences the experience of a hike. I really enjoy rain, it often adds a cleansing feeling and at times a refreshing relief to a walk. The wind can be a welcomed relief, after climbing and stretching and pulling yourself up and around beautiful trails.  When I am walking through a forest, and see the sun rays beaming through the trees is just awesome. I like the physical challenges of climbing down and around a rocky outcrop is challenging and rewarding. Walking for hours along a secluded beach is very relaxing and great for stress. Walking along the coastline at sunrise or sunset is yet another one of the special experiences. Such things will take you to many beautiful sites and create spectacular experiences.

Rough Coast

Rough Coast

Lower Costs than a Gym membership – 

Another thing that I really love about hiking is that it costs NOTHING! Once I have bought my shoes and gear, then I am set up. I like that there are no fees,  memberships, sweaty stinky gyms and noisy crowded areas. It’s simple, effective, challenging, rewarding and free.

trees on a beach

Trees on a Beach

Incorporating your Hobbies-

  I enjoy photography, and I will always be taking photos whilst I am hiking. Incorporating some of your hobbies into a hike is easy, such as photography, bird watching, fauna and flora research. So, here you will see some of my amateur photos of the coastline, ocean, whales, dolphins and tracks and other wildlife. I do hope you enjoy them.

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