Hiking the Annapurna Trail

Hiking The Annapurna Trail

Last October my friend and I joined a hiking group and started hiking the Annapurna Trail, in Nepal. The trek was a great experience, with plenty of very steep rugged goats trails with hundreds of steps.  The trail was basically like a highway for 100’s of people with their animals either going up or down the mountains. Many elderly people and women with babies used the trail everyday as their usual route. It made me realise just how lucky we are and how fantastic an opportunity it was to experience such an amazing country. The hike was certainly a work out.

Nepal’s Holy Time

We visited during Nepal’s Holy time and all of the Nepalese people headed to the mountains to offer their goats and pay their respects to the Holy Man. The Holy Man was situated in a temple on top of a very very high mountain that had its own cable car. So, goats were in the cable cars and in the buses, on the buses, on the streets, in the gardens, on the back of motor bikes, they were everywhere. The roads were congested with every single Nepalese person either going up to the mountain, or coming down and this went on for about a week. We visited the holy man and received a blessing.

Failing Infrastructure

Due to the earthquake in 2015, many country people moved into Kathmandu and other bigger towns. This had a major impact upon the infrastructure around these areas and caused blockages in all areas. There was evidence of poverty, land slides, pollution and over population. But, the people were lovely, very nice and kind, soft in nature and very helpful. The infrastructure in the city was inadequate to cope with so many people and tourists. 

Natural Beauty

Hiking the Annapurna trail showcased the natural beauty of Nepal, it was a picturesque place. The greens were green and the sky blue as blue, the houses were painted white and blue and stood out against the background. The people wore colourful clothing and married women wore red. The snow capped mountain range was something. The white snow against the blue sky was so photogenic. It certainly deserves the title of a majestic mountain range to say the least. When we were leaving Katmandu airport we could see the mountains popping up through the clouds.

Layers of Clothes

I was so glad that I had layered my clothes. The mornings  were freezing cold and cloudy, and I needed all of my layers including gloves and a beanie. Then the sun would come out.  As the warming the air and I had warmed up from climbing and trekking, so I had to take layers off.  Then the wind would pick up and it got cold again as we went further around the mountain. So it was a case of peeling off the clothes and putting them back on, throughout the day. Painful, but necessary. 

I found a video on youtube that shows most of where I went and the Annapurna Circuit.

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