The Drip Walking Track

The Drip Walking Track

The Drip Walking Track is another lovely bush walk just outside of Mudgee. Rangers of the National Park  have been through recently and maintained the tracks. It is a relatively easy walk, clean and a very picturesque area.

The walk is about 3kms return and takes about 1.5hr, or longer if your into photography. The track  follows the cliff face along the Goulburn River. Parts of the track lead you through ferns and past many rocky cliffs and ledges and massive boulders. The erosion of the rocks have created small cave like openings along the river. Eventually, the track will bring you to the base of a large sandstone cliff, The Drip. The cliff drips clear spring water down along the rock face pooling at the bottom, in amongst the many fallen boulders and smaller rocks. As a result of the continuous moisture, there are lovely bright green ferns and grass growing on the rock. It has a really nice ambience down in there.

Aboriginal Heritage

This area is about 200 million years old (or older).  I can’t help but imagine how the early aboriginal people could have lived here. It appears  relatively safe and protected, with plenty of food and clean water, and so pretty and clean. The temperature would have been extreme. It gets freezing cold there in winter and way too hot for my liking in summer. It’s lovely this time ( August) of the year.

River Bed Exposed

The river is Goulburn River. The river is very dry and the sand bed is exposed and easily walked along, therefore it allows for easy access to the other side of the river and rock formations.  One local said the river was the lowest he had seen it in 20 years. This area is going to need some rain before summer gets here, or its going to be a difficult summer for the people and the animals.

We came across Wombat burrows that are scattered throughout the valley floor, hidden next to fallen rocks and cliffs. Some of these  were quite big and deep in some areas. There were Wallaby’s that jump passed us as we disturbed them. There was plenty of bird life such as kookaburra’s and others I didn’t recognise.

The bush can be very quiet and isolated in parts, and therefore easy to get lost if you decide not to stick to the tracks. Sound echo’s easily along the river bed and against the sandstone cliffs.

Stinging Nettle

There was one irritant and that was the Stinging Nettle. It’s a little bush plant that looks harmless until you brush past it or touch it and then, it stings!!! big time!  Therefore ensure you have your long hiking pants on and good shoes and socks. That saved me heaps as I had to walk through them at times. If you have allergies, maybe you should pack an antihistamine, just in case.

I highly recommend this walk and score it 8/10.


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