Fern Tree Gully Track

Fern Tree Gully

I thought I’d share my last hiking experiences with you. Hubby and I went to a true country town of Australia called Mudgee. There we found some beautiful county hikes. One hike called  Fern Tree Gully Reserve was about 1 hour out of Mudgee. It was the typical Australian  bush with rocky outcrops and gullies. Very pretty and relaxing, only noise was the birdlife. The hike was for about 1.5hrs and was relatively easy. There were people of all age groups, old to young kids managing the terrain and slopes.


Fern Tree Gully is a profoundly picturesque rainforest. There are strolling tracks that bring you down into the cool, green fern tree studded valley floor. The walk then leads around the edge of the large rock walls and cliffs where you can get a great view of the valley. A circle walk takes you through a variety of plant groups from the Western Dry Sclerophyll (gum tree)  to rich rainforest in and around a  restricted gorge of sandstone rocks and cliffs.

These cliffs can be as old a 200 million years old or more. These areas certainly give me a sense of being connected to the early aboriginal people. I could easily imagine them standing on the cliffs, rocky ledges and hunting through the bush.


I saw a Lyre Bird and Scrub Turkey’s, Black Cockatoo’s and Wallabies. I’m sure that as the winter season ends and spring arrives thee would be plenty of snakes. This area looked good for brownies (Brown Snakes) and red bellies.

This would be one area to ensure that you did if fact wear long hiking pants and long sleeved shirts. I wore both and was glad I did, not for the snakes, but the branches scratching on my legs and arms. I wore hiking shoes and thick hiking socks and am glad I did, it just gave me a sense of safety whilst I was roaming the native bushland.


Definitely worth a hike if your ever out that way. My score is 8/10


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